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Swimming Pool Management & Lifeguard Defense

Managing swimming pools and lifeguards for community pools, private clubs, homeowner associations, park districts and public entities is fraught with risk. A recreational activity meant to provide relaxation and enjoyment to patrons can lead to serious injuries. Unfortunately, when water is involved, an otherwise minor injury can lead to drowning. In the operation and management of swimming pools and lifeguards, those companies and their employees are subject to strict standards which can expose the same to liability for any variation from those standards. Liability can arise for many reasons, including pool drains and other pool defects, improper or missing warning signs, improper or missing emergency protocols, missing emergency lifesaving equipment and lifeguard training and certification.

Success in the defense of swimming pool management and lifeguards requires lawyers who understand the industry standards and guidelines as well as the applicable federal, state and/or local government requirements. Moreover, it requires immediate and thorough investigation as such claims are largely dependent upon eyewitness accounts of the incident. As such, it is imperative to obtain witness identities and statements as soon as practical following an incident. Moreover, it is necessary to obtain photographs of all signage, emergency procedures in effect and emergency equipment available at the time of the incident.

Under the umbrella of civil litigation, Vanderlaan Law Group attorneys have specialized in the defense of swimming pool management and lifeguards. We are very familiar with and understand the requirements of such facilities, management companies and lifeguards. We have worked closely with experts around the country in this field to develop our own expertise in how to best and most effectively defend such lawsuits and claims.