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Hospitality Law

Hospitality law encompasses a wide body of law relating to the food service, travel and lodging industries. These laws govern the specific nuances of the duties owed and defenses available in claims against hotels, restaurants, bars, spas, country clubs, meeting and conventions centers, and more. These types of claims involve a wide range of legal areas such as torts, dram shop and employment matters. The issues of security and duties to guests and their visitors has never been more prominent than the present day and having the knowledge of security standards and practices as well as experts to support compliance is critical to the successful defense of these claims.

In order to properly defend such cases, our attorneys undertake a complete investigation of the underlying facts to determine the specific issues and legal matters involved. This includes preservation of video, documents, digital data and other evidence central to the claims, interviews of all relevant employees and management, obtaining all the necessary protocols and company guidelines and the retention of skilled experts in the field to address the anticipated issues that will be raised in the litigation. 

Our attorneys have experience defending hotels restaurants, bars  and other businesses in the hospitality field on claims involving issues including negligent security, assault, battery, theft, negligent hiring and negligent supervision, premises liability, employment discrimination, food allergies, and liquor liability.

Vanderlaan Law Group attorneys are experienced in the business issues confronting their clients in this industry. Additionally, our attorneys have a thorough understanding of the law to effectively resolve these matters on behalf of their clients.