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Construction Litigation

Our attorneys have significant experience defending insurance companies, businesses, construction contractors, employers and property owners facing lawsuits arising from construction related claims. Many of the cases we handle involve catastrophic injuries and death. We are also experienced in the area of construction defect claims. At Vanderlaan Law Group, we understand that the cost of litigation can have a large impact on a company's bottom line, and we provide legal advice and guidance aimed at early resolution.

Construction Injuries

At VLG, our lawyers have been successful in managing highly complex cases with catastrophic injuries and exorbitant damages. Based on our extensive experience and knowledge, we are able to provide clients with accurate assessments of both liability and damages to enable our construction clients and their insurance carriers to realistically gauge the potential value of a case. Based on this evaluation, we prepare and implement defense strategies to achieve the best results for our clients as efficiently as possible.

Risk transfer plays a very important role in construction cases. Having construction defense lawyers who are experts in risk transfer is essential to the defense of constructions claims where tenders need to be made and defended and contractual interpretation against applicable law is critical.  VLG has lawyers highly skilled in this area and we have provided seminars to insurance companies and its claims professionals on these issues. 

In addition, our construction litigation defense lawyers often act as coverage counsel for many of our insurance clients. We give solid coverage opinions and back them up in court. This includes complex issues such as additional insured endorsements and targeted tenders.

Construction Defect Defense

We have extensive experience in defending construction clients in matters involving allegations of defective construction. Our lawyers have successfully handled complex cases in which allegations of defective work are extensive and parties are seeking exorbitant damages based on claims such as:
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of warranty
  • Indemnification
  • Contribution
  • Breach of fiduciary duty

Our attorneys are able to consider all of the factors involved in a matter to provide realistic evaluations of both liability and damages to enable our construction clients and their insurance carriers to effectively understand the potential exposure involved. We take pride in implementing an individual defense strategy at the outset of each case to ensure the best possible outcome and to manage litigation costs. We have an excellent track record in resolving these claims through mediation and litigation if necessary.