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Insurance Subrogation

Insurance companies that provide coverage to their insureds for large and complex losses typically contractually retain the right to subrogate (take legal action) against an at-fault third-party or third-parties that caused the loss.  The insurance company's subrogation interest/expectation for recovery can often be in the millions of dollars. 

To maximize the chances of success in subrogation, it is important for insurance companies to work with experienced legal counsel that handles both commercial and personal insurance matters in large loss situations and who are highly skilled litigators and experienced trial attorneys.  Many times the investigation necessary to prove causation and the evidence necessary to support damages is complex and extensive. Further, causation often depends on effective expert testimony to develop and present a nexus between third-party's act or omission and the resulting loss. Experienced litigators and trial attorneys are key to the development of the evidence, building the causation nexus through expert testimony and persuading the finder of fact in favor of their client.

Vanderlaan Law Group's attorneys have been providing legal consultation and litigating complex subrogation claims for over 25 years. It has recovered millions of dollars for its insurance clients  and their insureds over the years. VLG has experienced subrogation attorneys ready to serve your complex subrogation needs.